Shaman Of The Vacuum Goddess

by Roger Neville-Neil

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: August 2003

Terrestrial sunrises
dawning red horizons
peaceful... and becalming

has reawaken our souls
with diligent flame

Radiant and warm
shafts of sunbeams igniting
sentient spirits

The Goddess steers song
ripples across smooth waters
tranquil... and... serene

Her exquisite voice
the sweet intoxicating
elixir of life

Flowing forth softly
yet commanding galaxies
to alter their course

Pixel by pixel
they expose her uniqueness
in dangerous tones

Strawberry lightning
transformed by circling dragons
gracefully gliding

Like scaled hummingbirds
hovering... pausing over
fresh fragrant flowers

Their radiant glow
causing petals of the mind
to wither or bloom

Mystifying smiles
and eyes reaching for the soul
weave their magic spells

animal magnetism
spellbinding glamour

With golden curtains
encircling her beauty
in vibrant mirage

Bright flickering flames
dancing in the dragon's hall
lace shadows with light

Terrestrial sunsets
brilliant flaming horizons
possessive... and worn

Like Martian sunsets
exploring sultry regions
of burgundy wine

Blazing sunsets and
melodic silver moonbeams
worship at her feet

Black flickering flames
from antimatter candles
spreading darkest night

Isolating light
drifting on the velvet void
created by dreams

Tethering our souls
on shimmering silken cords
between dimensions

In dark empty space
their thoughts explode in brilliance:
canopy of stars

Spiralling around
the galaxies of creation...
the Goddess beckons

Deep luminous eyes
stirring the cauldron of space
with anxious desire

Supernova eyes,
and a Milky Way of sighs
filling the heavens

Filling the vacuum
spiralling from sparkling eyes
blinding new worlds

Gilded planetscapes
swiftly swimming in her
effervescent wake

Wisps of solar flares--
like the tongues and the tresses
freed from entropy

Shrouds of blazing suns--
nova reflections glisten
on her mirror shades

Screening illusions
on interdimensional
planes of the mind's eye

She unfolds her wings
and embraces the legions
of infinite flight

-Nostra-Rogus 2003 A.D.

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