Loopian Zu - "Submerged"
(Bingo Lady Record Collective 2003, BLRC009)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: December 2003

This is quite a special new band for me. This is their second release and the band is primarily Brian and Pat Epley (guitars and drums) and Ryan Taylor on bass but also featured are about 20 guests on all kinds of instruments, sax, voices, etc. The group is from Montana, a place you donít hear too many space strange rock bands from.

"Regents Park" is a sort of jazzy dub groove thing while the band gets quite freaky (ala GONG) on "Invitation In Formation". "Dwelling" begins with a slow throbbing bass and a nice drone guitar and sax are layered on top. The band finds some great SPACE in this track. The band makes excellent use of samples throughout to add to the overall effect of this music project. While some of it has an improvised feel, it flows very well. After a strange beginning, "Dank Jangler And The Subdudes" is some sort of country madness. Quite fun. "Nuso" begins with a dub bass line and slowly crawls out into quite a special number. "Foot Prince And The Emergent Sea" is a really strange song. "Stimulation By A Mechanical Disturbance" ends this excellent CD and is a very strange mechano-art music thing.

A truly excellent and strange release. I would like to hear the bands first release and the next one for sure. File under experimental space rock!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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