Porcupine Tree - Lille Vega, KÝbenhavn 11/13/03

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: December 2003

This was the second time this year that the band has come to Denmark. This is a much better venue for sound and visuals than Loppen and when I arrived they had a screen set up and all looked great. Not as many people this time but a good crowd of perhaps 250-300 people. I met up with my Swedish friends Patrik and Mads but did not see anyone else I knew, which was strange, except Michael! The band started before the time on the ticket (9pm). The intro music started at like 8:55 and the band appeared soon after and started with "Wedding Nails". The sound was fantastic and visual screen was quite cool with images from the Danish photographer, Lasse. He did the images that were used on the latest CD. Anyway, "Sound Of Muzak" was next and this was great. After this Steven spoke to the audience and mentioned that Lasse was at the back of the hall and that he did the images. "Gravity Eyelids" was next and they had a great sound. "Last Chance To Exit", which was not played last time was next. I had seen on this tour they had played "Moonloop" around this point in the set but not tonight. Damn... In fact they did not play any songs off the first 5 releases. "Dark Matter" from Signify was listed as the first encore (it was when they played here in April as well) but it was skipped again! Anyway, "Hate Song" was next. The new guitar player is an excellent addition to the band and works out very well. It seems like besides Colin, no one in the band is really really enjoying themselves. It seems like they are just doing their job. I wish they had more life, emotion, smiled a bit. This is great music to improvise and explore but it is all played so straight. Anyway, "Creator" into "Russia On Ice" was a nice transition. "Futile" and "Smart Kid", also, not played last time were played. "Strip The Soul" had cool visuals and was excellent and "Tinto Brass" is probably my favourite song from the last 3 CDs and was excellent. The band should have played "Dark Matter" but we got "Even Less" and "Trains".

A good solid show but I wonít go see them again if I donít read they are playing some of the older songs next tour.

Set List: Wedding Nails, Sound of Muzak, Gravity Eyelids, Last Chance, Hate Song, Fadeaway, Creator, Russia on Ice, Futile, A Smart Kid, Strip the Soul, Tinto Brass, Even Less, Trains (Dark Matter listed but not played)

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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