Screamin’ Eric and the Erections - Studenterhuset, København 11/14/03

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: December 2003

This was the bands CD release party. I went with the guys form the Danish Lowcut magazine that I write for ( I saw some people I knew as well like Lene from the Davolinas (, a cool band that she fronts. Anyway, the band has been playing since 1991 in the punk rock scene here in Denmark. I had not seen them since they opened for Gas Giant back in 2000 at Stengade. A good crowd was there, probably because there was free beer from 9-10, but I hope it was for Eric! The band started about 11ish and played a really high energy rock set! They have a cool slide guitar player that really gives an authentic 70’s Stooges sound with a more snotty attitude (if that is possible!) to the music. They played 20 songs in about 80 minutes. A few covers, including "Cock In My Pocket", which is on the new CD, "Freakshow" and a great Sonics cover. A really great band if you like the Stooges, you should check them out for sure! I am sure Iggy would approve!!!!!!!!!!!

You can visit them at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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