Baby Woodrose and The Blue Van - Loppen, Christiania 10/2/03

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: November 2003

What an incredible year Baby Woodrose has had. The new CD/LP has been doing great. They have played in 10 different countries, opened the Roskilde Festival and all is going great. They had just finished recording a new cover song LP a few days before this, their last local gig this year. A new Danish act, The Blue Van opened the show and they were really good. I had their recording from their show at Loppen 3 weeks ago from my friend Kim, so I knew how they sounded. Kind of a Kinks with a Hammond B3 type sound. Really good upbeat 60’s inspired stuff. It was the same exact set as 3 weeks ago but there were 250 people at the show this night and the crowd was really into it.

Set List: Intro>Sir Maison, Revalation of Love, Product of Denmark, Intro>I Remember the Days, Mob Rule, The Essential, New Slough, Word from……

The place was pretty full. I guess 300 people when Baby Woodrose hit the stage. This is the best I have ever seen them play. They get better and better everytime. It was great to hear a lot of songs I had not heard them play live. I was tired of the old set and so were they is what Guf told me. No jamming with this band, just straight up 60’s garage rock for an hour. The band opened with their heaviest song, "Volcano", and it sounded great! Next was a set of songs from the first two LPs, "What a Burn", "Pouring Water", "Hippie Chick" and "Pandora". A few cover songs ("Lost You In My Mind", "Who’s Gonna Cry", "Explain (My girlfriends Dead)" were next. The bands Danish radio hit, "Everythings Gonna Be Alright" and "Rollercoaster" closed the set. The band played 4 encore songs and the crowd really loved it. Like 18 songs in 60 minutes! Phew… Great show.

Set List: Volcano, What a Burn, Pouring Water, Hippie Chick, Pandora, Lost you in my Mind, Caught in a Whirl, Don’t look Back, Explain, Who’s it gonna be?, I don’t ever want to come down, Everythings gonna be Alright, Rollercoaster, Honeydripper, Goin’ Home, Never Comin’ Back, Carrie

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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