Bland Bladen - Cilla’s Kök, Malmö, Sweden 10/4/03

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: November 2003

Magnus and I were invited to come over for this show to celebrate the drummer Anders in Bland Bladen’s 30th birthday. We met at Magnus’s place and had a few beers and were listening to music and around 10, said yeah... let’s go to Sweden. We just caught the train on time and we arrived and found the place just about 12, when they said they would start. They were totally freaked out but super happy to see us as we all had a great time last weekend. They were finishing setting up and started to play about 12:30. We got a few beers and I set up to record. They played "Shpongle" as their opening music and then played the same set as at the Dragens Hule but it was slower and more spaced out versions this night. The guy who owns the club broke in, without a microphone, and got the crowd to sing Anders Happy Birthday (the Swedish song, and in English). The crowd wanted more and they did a short reggae like jam for 6 minutes but it did not really go anywhere special. I was really blown away this night. Great great band and cool to hear this type of Ozrics jazz inspired instrumental space rock in this part of the world! We partied until 3 in the morning and then headed back to Denmark. I got home at 6:30 and was very tired!

Set List: Shpongle Intro> I Grevens Tid, Daggäta, I Aftons Trans, Dimland, Happy Birthday Anders, På grön Kvist, Jam

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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