On Trial - Sofie’s Kældren, København 10/16/03

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: November 2003

Wow... this is a really small place. I had never been here before. I arrived about 10:15 and the band were going to start in 15 minutes. I saw a lot of people I knew (Lars from Bad Afro), the members of On Trial (of course), Jesper, Lene, and others. The Gas Giant guys showed up a few songs into the set! Great to see them come out. The band started right at 10:30 and would play for about 1 hour. This was the first show with the new guitar player, Bjarne. He used to play in Passion Orange and other Danish bands. The band sounded great this night, much better than a month ago at Studenterhuset. They even played a few songs like "Blood Butterfly" and "Downer" which caught me by surprise. I was surprised that Henrik did almost all the lead guitar. This is quite a switch as Anders and Morten were previously the lead players. Perhaps more and more of this will shift to Bjarne after he gets fully integrated. The band were in good spirits and really played well this night. Only bit of psychedelic freak-out we got was the great version of "Downer", the last song of the set. The crowd wanted more but they had played all the songs that Bjarne knew. I left as the band was going to play the first 4 songs of the set again for the people! The band leaves for the US on Saturday to play 8 concerts with Cherry Valence!

Set List: Flashinghast, Miles Away, Do you see her, Lovecraft, So Close, Everything, Blinded, Sleeper, Have you ever had a feeling, Blood Butterfly, Pot of Gold>Long Time Gone, Downer>Jam

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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