SEID and Mantric Muse - Dragens Hule, KÝbenhavn 10/18/03

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: November 2003

Not another band with car trouble! What a way to start off our first two space rock events, with all the bands vehicles breaking down. Letís just say that SEID made it but a few hours later than we expected with an electrical problem with the van. Everyone was in good spirits and Mantric Muse was hanging out when I arrived with the band, which had followed me from Christiania to the venue, which is a little hidden. We chatted about the SEID tour, drank some beers and everyone set up the equipment and soundcheck and we had some nice food. Some people started to roll in around 9:30 or so. The guys from Bland Bladen surprised us and came over! It was Anders, the drummers 30th birthday and Magnus from Mantric muse would also turn 30 in a few days!

Only about 45 people this night and Mantric Muse started about 10:40 and opened with a long spaced version of "Cinope", from the Copenhagen Space Rock festival compilation CD. The entire band is turned up a little louder this time so that SÝren (the drummer) is not as loud in our recordings! "Hologram Hindi" is next and Magnus is really playing some cool guitar tonight. Mikael seems to be a little less in control and confident but doing great as the band cruises into "DMU". "Anagram", a new song written by Mikael the keyboard player, was disrupted by a power failure 3 weeks ago but not this time. An excellent complex number. "Narnia", the oldest song in the set is so different from the original version but excellent. The highly electronic "Wobbegong Wookie" was next and had the people dancing and jumping around the room. The band closed the set with the very heavy "Azur" last time but it was played next. "Sinbad SÝfareren" and "Deep Sea Cheops" took us out into space and closed the 100 minute set. Some very impressive playing and jamming tonight. I canít wait until the bands CD is finished!

Set List: Cinope, Hologram Hindi, DMU, Anagram, Narnia, Woobegong Wookie, Azur, Sinbad SÝfareren, Deep Sea Cheops

After about 45 minutes, SEID were ready to take the stage. Everyone was in good spirits and ready to rock! The band opened with "Creatures", a very heavy, Magma influenced song. Next was the new single, "Meet the Spaceman". The single unfortunately was delayed and did not arrive for the tour. Anyway, the band has a cool video on their web site for this song and hopefully you will see it on MTC in full rotation soon!!!!!! It is a great punky-Gong inspired tune. "Firesong", from the excellent debut CD, was played next. A new song which had a great rock and roll jam called "Do As Yr Told" followed and this was great stuff. The heavy "Jellyfish" blew our minds and then the band slowed things down to Sabbath-Melvins speed with the moody numbers "Evil Gnome" and "Mines of Moria". Unfortunately, the last 3 songs are missing from our recording this night. Next up was an excellent cover of "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night". Some more new songs were debuted ("Cafť Lola" and "Starla"). The fantastic "Silver Messenger" segued into "Hasjis" and was incredible. The single version is great but this was really great stuff. "5/4" and then "Magic Potion" followed. Another great cover to choose and well done. More like the Liquid Visions version than the Sun Dial version, I would say. The band finished the set with some more new songs, "Swamp Doom" and "Sleep". "Flight To Another Planet" was a fantastic 9 minute space instrumental. Keith had told me they had played "Silver Machine" in Germany when he saw them so I yelled for that and we got it. I have to say this was the best version I have seen played live. Fantastic and very true to the spirit of the original. A great night of music from a great band. DO NOT MISS THIS BAND live.

Set List: Creatures, Meet the Spaceman, Firesong, Do as yr Told, Jellyfish*, The Evil Gnome,*, Mines of Moria*, I had too much to Dream last Night, Cafe Lola, Starla, Silver Messenger>Hasjis, 5/4, Magic Potion, Swamp Doom, Sleep, Flight to another Planet, Silver Machine (* denotes missing from the recording)

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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