Arkitekchur - "Should"
(tbtmo Records 2003, tbtmo no 27)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: October 2003

Arkitekchur is the brainchild of Brooklyn based soundscapest Joseph Lisciandro. Should is an 11 track CD lasting 72 minutes. It flows from start to finish, it is a concept, each track melds into the next, a journey that finds its footing in the realms of atmospheric, ambient styled stuff, a haunting glimpse into the mind of this sonic painter.

The majority of tracks are short interludes. They range from seconds to minutes in length, each one building into the next, and then the next, until a track of ample length is found. Track 1 "Rite Words" is an opening guitar piece, for over 16 minutes it stays the same, very repetitive, very sombre, it stirs emotion but it goes nowhere. Once you get the gist you are stuck there. It paves the way for a totally different experience, from track 2 to 8 you have little interludes, this is before the 22-minute epic "Using the Mysteries of Light Theme". This is the longest piece and the atmospheres create enhanced drug visions, changing frequency with each pattern of movement, it evolves Tangerine Dream like, subtle atmospheres, delayed ambience, all the while retracting from its inevitable end, building motion and velocity then lapsing back to mellowness. Ideal for writing I find as I listen, the basis of the track is haunting, and once again you are shoved into it slowly, waiting for the next piece. It is good stuff.

"When Everything Runs Dry" is what the aforementioned tracks run into. This is an 11 odd minute piece, guitar drone driven, and static for minutes on end, yet capturing ambience in that film score feel. It drifts around, it breaks the guitar drone mould, and it takes new form as it passes over time. Another good journey piece, very well done.

On the whole, Should has a very good sound to it. The production is quality and the tracks are suited for the headphone experience. If you like minimalist structures that evolve slowly, creating a field of vision with sound, then you may like this album. I can see where he his coming from, it is not just something that can be cast off hand as noise. It is a lot more in depth than that.

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Contact via snail mail c/o Tbtmo Records; PO Box 63619; Philadelphia PA 19147.

Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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