BIOnight - "Daybreak"
(self-released 2002, BNT 005)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: October 2003

I was slightly hesitant to listen to the Bionight release known as Daybreak based on the fact that on the inner CD sleeve the artists display, “No loops or samples were used in this record.” I thought, “This is going just suck really bad.” I am pleased to report however, that is just not the case.

Bionight is rather hard to describe from an aural standpoint. It is certainly ambient, new age more specifically. Bionight has its share of high points track wise too, ("Daybreak", "Rachele", "Nodune", are good examples) and the production quality is really quite good overall.

I kept kind of waiting for something to happen on this CD and it just never did; it just left me wanting to listen to something slightly less refined.

Overall, just not my cup of tea BUT I can certainly recommend it.

Have at it yourself - for fans of Brian Eno, 1979 and the like.


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Reviewed by dj minix, the new digital sound

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