The Caliban Sessions #1
(Caliban Records CR001 2002)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: October 2003

This is the first in what looks likely to be a series of recordings by El Doom of Thusla Doom, as he gathers friends and local musicians into the studio for a weekend of jamming. This includes members of Jr. Ewing, Insense, The Cumshots, Black Debbath, and Russian Power. This CD contains 6 songs and while I had expected some far out heavy jams, this is not at all what is on the CD. It is pretty much melodic hard rock songs. "Your Hair Used To Be Black (as my Bloodshot Eyes)" opens the CD and is a catchy rocker and melodic as well. The bass line on this song is really cool. "Rebellion Riders of a New Generation" is a great number with harmonica and a foot stomping groovy rocker. "Little Hippie Girl" is a pretty lame song. A 80ís radio rocker, ugh... "The Genuine Caliban Grooves" is the bands attempt at a funk number with some great organ playing and flute. A crazy song. "Ride That Bullet Train" is a fast rocking number. "God Stood Me Up" ends this short 20 minute CD. This has a very heavy guitar riff and the only song that might be compared to Thusla Doom. Great stuff.

This is quite cool stuff and every song is quite different and worth checking out for sure!

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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