(Nikt Records/Ozit 2002, OZIT CD 55)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: April 2004

Here's a CD release that I never expected to see make the light of day. A 2-disc live performance of the 1970 line-up of Hawkwind reunited, minus Dave Brock. You heard right. A 2000 live release, culled from two gigs - Wales and Birkenhead, UK. There's Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd Langton, Terry Ollis on drums, Thomas Crimble on bass and Dik Mik on keyboards. I've heard a couple of Hawkfans comment that this title isn't that good. I guess we're all spoiled on that 'perfect sound'. The music on '...Rock Odyssey' sounds fine, it's just on some of the tracks, Nik's vocals tend to sound a bit distant. Overall, a pretty decent mix. Like a superb audience recording. The crowd does sound very enthusiastic. Enjoyed all thirteen songs. From the opener "Sonic Attack", the timeless space rock gem "You Shouldn't Do That", and was totally blown away by "Odyssey Improv..." which is actually "Seeing It As You Really Are". Must also mention the somewhat mesmerizing version of "D-Rider" as it's well worth checking out Langton's "Waiting For Tomorrow", and the seventeen minute version of "Silver Machine" where the crowd was heavily involved with some audience participation rarely seen or heard. Let's certainly not leave out the Calvert classic "Spirit Of The Age". Then there's the four cuts from the Birkenhead outing, "Sonic Attack" (again,but welcomed), "Be Yourself", "Psychedelic Warlords" (vocals are way off) and "Ten Seconds Of Forever". For Hawkwind completists. Superb 16 page full color booklet that's worth half the admission price alone. Definitely recommended for you true space dogs out there.

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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