Atomic Rooster - "Live At The Marquee 1980"
(Angel Air Records 2002, SJPCD104)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: April 2004

There is nothing I dig like discovering a good quality archive release such as this CD. 'Live At The Marquee 1980' was apparently pulled from Atomic Rooster's guitarist / vocalist John Du Cann's own private stash. Recorded during that year when the band played in various venues and locations in and all around the UK. 'Live At...' features the Rooster's classic line-up of Du Cann (the trio's only current living member), Vincent Crane on keyboard / organ and Paul Hammond on drums. The sound quality of this 75-minute gem will have true Rooster fans wetting their beds. Some really powerfully performed tunes in the set are the killer "Death Walks Behind You", "Tomorrow Night", the ripping "Seven Streets", the stunning instrumental "Gershatser", "I Can't Take It No More" and "Do You Know Who's Looking For You?". Atomic Rooster combines brilliant swirling Hammond organ, heavily tuned guitar, and earth pounding drums to create a form of 'heavy rock' that seems to be missing in today's music scene. A must have. Nice packaging job, as with most Angel Air releases. Isn't it ironic that all John Du Cann related CD releases on the Angel Air label totally kick ass? Comes with an eight page full color booklet with rare photos. The sound mix fully deserves a five-star rating. Should appeal to fans of Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Quatermass, and ELP.

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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