Douglas Ferguson - "Lexical Passages"
(Distillery Records 2004)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: April 2004

I reviewed ďno. 2Ē by Douglas Ferguson back in 2003. I read the review and it was surprisingly short, considering I can be pretty long winded. With Lexical Passages (a 2 cd set) I find myself in the same position; short of words. The music is mostly electronic. Itís uniformly well played and itís quite creative. Douglas tends towards the exploration of drones and heís very adept at layering to get an amazing depth to his compositions.

If your tastes tend towards formless electronic music, by which I mean no beats. Maybe you like electronic explorations: earthbound manís musical interpretation of the vastness of outer space. How about an electronic music artist who embodies the spirit of the great seventies solo synth artists?

For more information you can visit the Distillery Records web site at:
Email Douglas Ferguson at:
Contact via snail mail c/o Douglas Ferguson; 7907 Doncaster Dr; Austin, TX 78745.

Reviewed by Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter

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