Ove - "stroBe"
(Zenapolae 2003, zcdr1029, CDR)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: April 2004

Zenapolae is an internet label of Abstract, Dark Ambient, Glitch and Other Experimental Electronic Music. Having just found out about them, I think I will be checking out some of their other offerings. Since itís not the traditional type of label, getting any music trivia info on the bands from the website is a bit of work.

Ove appears to be Todd Christopher and Zenas Bellace making music. Evidently, the music was started by one of the duo, who uploaded it over the internet to the other so he could work on it some more. Each piece was passed back and forth until completed.

StroBe is what I would call ambient experimental electronic. Quite a mouthful and very listenable. Musically, itís not really melodic, as the experimental part comes mostly from the sounds that are used: they appear to be all synth. Itís ambient in texture, with the sounds layered to create a unified whole. Thereís no real classic use of sequenced sounds, so this would not really be plain old electronic music. I found the compositions to be very interesting with the way they placed the sounds in the overall arrangement. I particularly enjoyed this piece because, for me, itís out of the norm of the type of ambient that I would normally listen to.

For more information you can visit the Zenapolae web site at: http://www.zenapolae.com.
Email at: info@zenapolae.com.
Contact via snail mail c/o Zenapolae LTD; PO Box 8863; Collingswood, NJ 08108.

Reviewed by Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter

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