Brainstorm - "Bremen 1973"
(Garden Of Delights 2002, GoD CD074)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: February 2004

Coming straight out of Baden-Baden, Germany is Brainstorm, a band that in my opinion delivers a fine dose of krautrock with plenty of elaborate fusion workouts. The band makes some fabulous use of mellotron, flute, sax, acoustic guitar and organ to work for the benefit of their overall sound and performance. Notice the vocals are kept to a minimum. 'Bremen 1973' was recorded on June 23 at a rainy outdoor venue for a show called 'Radio Bremen' (Garden Of Delights label has several other releases that were also recorded for this radio show). The flute playing from Rainer Bodensohn seems to really stand out. 'Bremen 1973' is a bit better than 'Last Smile '74' and about twice as long, literally; with a running time of 79 minutes. Sound may not be perfect, but it's well good enough for true fans of this genre, especially if one enjoys live CD's. About every song is good. As for the tracks that I liked the best are the well paced "You're The One", the organ dominated "My Way", the 14-minute jamming "There Was A Time...", "Affenzahn" and the highly experimental "Himwind". Includes a 32-page booklet with plenty of photos and memorabilia. Proves that someone at the GoD label had to have spent plenty of time in putting this artifact together. Do be careful removing and putting the booklet back in.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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