Flight 09 - "Forbidden Lullabies"
(Neurosis Records 2003)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: February 2004

From Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Flight 09 are back with another set of their hard but melodic Blues rock and progressive blend. The band is still the trio of Igor Savitch on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Constantine Savitch on bass and Artemy Piyanzin on drums. "You Got My Love" kicks off the set, alternating between raw rockin' Blues and brief soothing melodic passages. Igor Savitch isn't a monster guitarist and you'll hear little in the way of flash on this album, but he plays with genuine passion and along with the solid rhythm section of Constantine and Artemy the trio manage to crank out a full rock sound and thudding groove that has a definite 70's feel.

What differs from the band's last album, Rifflections (see AI #22), is Flight 09 travel deeper into progressive rock territory. "Look Around" is a melodic song with orchestral, almost mellotron sounding, and slightly spacey keyboards. But it still includes the band's trademark Blues rock stylings as well as a simple but very tasteful lead guitar bit. "Something's Wrong" features a similar combination of hard and progressive rock, this time with flutes and atmospheric keyboards. I wonder if hardcore prog fans might be turned off by the overt Blues elements, but personally I think as a heavy Blues rock band that incorporates progressive influences, Flight 09 manage to set themselves apart from the rest and do an admirable job of it. Fans of guitarist Rick Ray's brand of heavy rock and progressive will quickly understand why he would include Flight 09 on his Neurosis label. Other highlights include the beautiful "Both To Be Alone", with its dreamy atmospherics, flutes and acoustic guitar that slowly build up to the heavier full band section. Another example of Flight 09's ability to find that unique point on the heavy rock/progressive axis. And it's got one of Igor's more ripping guitar solos, which sounds pretty cool alongside the flute. "The Absolution" is a solid rocker that I enjoyed and includes some of Igor's best guitar work on the album. And I dig the tasty little wah guitar colorings on "Shades".

In summary, if you liked the previous album then you can count on Forbidden Lullabies to serve up a similar set of well written, hard rocking and nicely melodic Blues rockers, which are very tastefully and creatively embellished with prog stylings.

For more information you can visit the Flight 09 web site at: http://www.progressor.net/flight09.
Email at: reis09@bcc.com.uz.
Visit the Neurosis Records web site at: http://groups.msn.com/guitaristrickray.
Forbidden Lullabies is available for $7 payable to Rick Ray and sent to Neurosis Records; 20301 Ball Ave; Euclid, OH 44123.

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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