Sgt. Sunshine - s/t
(Abstract Sounds ABTS5008CD)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: February 2004

It is always so cool to hear of a new band (Thanks Lene from the Davolina's!), especially when they live close by and you can probably catch them live! The band live in Lund/Malmo, Sweden and play a version of what people call Stoner rock but a bit more spacey at times but still pretty damn heavy and groovy. The opening track, "Vega", begins very spacey with some cool phased wah guitar, before the heavy stuff hits and the band breaks it wide open. Right before the heavy riff kicks in the vocals of Eduardo (guitars) reminds me of Jack Bruce. You can hear the Cream influence in the sound but on a number of tracks, Kyuss is the ruler. What a great opening number and when you thought it was over, a killer guitar solo blast in at around 6 minutes!

"Mountain Song" is a very Kyuss inspired song. "Kosmo-Terra" has a very hypnotic groove and is a bit more spaced out again. "Rio Rojo" is a really brilliant track. It starts slow and has a nice melodic guitar line that slowly builds up and up and the band really find some space. "Fedra" again takes a fresh groove and has a reggae skank thrown in on one of the guitar measures but a nice phased spaced guitar line is played along before the heavy shit hits! Some really great bass playing by Pär on this track. "Northern Light" begins with a killer wah wah riff with a great mid section that is very spaced and heavy before the Kyuss riff takes over at the end of the song. "Death (Like a friend in my Breath)" is a pure wall of sound groove. It really reminds me of someone but I can't place it. The CD closes with "Culebra", another great composition that starts slow but really takes you places.

The whole CD was recorded in two days and has a real excellent live and groovy feeling to it. I like the raw sound and feel of the CD. If you like bands like Colour Haze and of course Kyuss but can accept things a little looser and mix a bit of Cream in, then you will dig this CD for sure!

The band is currently working on new material for a new CD to be recorded later this year. Check out the band on the web at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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