Erik Godal & Marc Fontana - "Gacy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (Pascal Records 2003)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: January 2004

Erik Godal & Marc Fontana are involved in the band Blue Hawaiians, and this CD is the original soundtrack score to the movie Gacy. I have not seen it nor have I heard of the Blue Hawaiians so I will take these issues onboard and give it a fair crack of the whip.

With all this said the CD is on the whole a powerful, tense, atmosphere builder. Very emotion fueled. The use of orchestral slow bowed notes and quick stabs reign here. It is all of this nature. The same ground is being trod over its remarkable twenty nine tracks, that vary ever so slightly. I thought only Napalm Death could do that, and I also imagined it to be more brutal sounding on tracks with names like "Hammer", "Body Drag" and "Last Victim". Strangely it was not, I wonder why? There are too many tracks that sound alike. The atmosphere rarely changes from sombre dark suspense stuff. The pace also is stuck in one groove, always slow and looming.

The tracks are very well produced, as you would expect from a major film. (Is it a major film?) I donít know, maybe you readers will know better. There is not really a lot more that I can say. It sounds like a soundtrack, a boring one at that. But what did I expect? In reality it should have been one long track. Maybe it was on the initial recordings and then split up to suit scenes or whatever. It never gets hectic, rather staying sombre and suspense like. Maybe I should have watched the film before reviewing this CD but that would not have been a CD review because I would have judged it with images first. As far as Iím concerned you would have to be in a dark mood to listen to it. It is too one paced and too samey throughout for me. I just would have thought that it would get going, moving through emotions of rage and slaughter. It does not. It is static at the suspense level.

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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