Arthur Loves Plastic - "Higher Fruit"
(Machine Heart Music 2003, mhr2003alp2)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: January 2004

First off, Happy New Year to all the A.I. fans. Sweet Allah - what a busy year it was round' the The New Digital Sound camp last year. Between lifting weights (being like Arnold... minus the groping and Kindergarten Cop) launching web sites, grabbing airplay, finishing my second album (yey!), and "chasing the ladies" (yeah right) - I was slammed last year. Let's hope that the new year is prosperous for everyone... except Swedish metal bands (minus Quarashi) and Clay Aiken.

I was slightly perplexed by the cover of Higher Fruit, is that a cat toy? In fact, I just didn't get it but then again, I don't get most things... MOST of the time. I did however enjoy the inside photos of the Ms. Stanton clucthing - in her finest rock n' roll icon pose - a Roland beat machine. Classic.


With sampler secured firmly in hand and her game face on, Ms. Bev Stanton set out to create yet another release as Arthur Loves Plastic - ALP to the diehards. They say: when you're good, you're good but if you are Bev Stanton - you're truly amazing all the time.

Assisted by the vocal talents of Lisa Moscatiello (a singer with a voice so stunningly beautiful she moved a friend of the fairer sex to orgasm at least twice) and others, Higher Fruit is sure to inspire newcomers and leave the fans of Arthur past with sore repeat button fingers. Yeah, it's THAT good. I've always enjoyed the pristine production quality (the eq. in particular... the bass is gigantic when it needs to be) and the careful thought put into the pattern arrangements and sampling - Bev Stanton has yet another winner under her super-grrrl utility belt. With somewhere in the ballpark of 10 releases to date, you'd expect nothing less than spine-tingling, soul touching, brain chemistry altering, breakneck electronica - ALP delivers.

High points include: Feel the love... umm you know what... the whole F-@&%-ing CD is good. Buy it.


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Contact via snail mail c/o Arthur Loves Plastic; 726 Thayer Ave; Silver Spring, MD 20910.

Reviewed by DeeJay Copelinn

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