Radio Free Clear Light - "Treading Softly Against The Tide"
(Black Note Music 2003, #034)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: January 2004

Electronic. Juan Carlos Mendizabal aka Kyron (keys), Ricardo Isaac Flores aka Koyote (keys) and Samael (additional vocals). Ambient soundscapes. Synthesized sounds, beautiful, buzzy, bubbling. A creation of loops, gradually expanding outward, adding. Electronic music. No melodies. Explorations.

RFCL does electronic music. I think they are half SERIOUS and half spacey. The music is well done, even though I think itís supposed to have meaning. I donít think too much when I listen to music; I let it take me where it (or the musicians) want. This stuff is mostly electronic explorations. Inside the explorations, I found ambient, loops, soundscapes, and electronics. Very well done, crafted even. The tonal structure is pleasant, not harsh, enjoyable to listen to.

So, if youíre an ambient kind of person, you might like this, but youíll have to work for it. If you like electronics, this has lots of nice explorations. Space, about the same as electronics, itís out there. Check it out.

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Reviewed by Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter

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