Terminus Victor - "Mastering The Revels"
(Innocent Words Records 2002, pg001)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: January 2004

Question: Are you afraid of drum machines or "fake drums" as some say?

Answer honestly.

If you said yes, close this review.
If you said no, read on.

Terminus Victor (Scott Kimble and Don King) is a two-piece band that plays "the rock music", only thing is that they lack having a drummer. Drummer's tend to be overrated, hard to find, and usually have attitudes anyway. When I was just a little sprout and got my first drum machine, the Yamaha RX-20, with money I had saved from working at a local IHOP, I truly understood the importance of technology to my music. Touching story, huh? I am trying to share with you... stop judging me.

Anyhow, Mastering the Revels is quite possibly one of the coolest albums I've heard in awhile. By combining bone-crushing electric guitars, distorted bass lines, and techno-ish industrial-ish drum patterns, Mr. and Mr. Terminus create something fresh, creative, meticulous and frankly good.

The vocals on the album, as performed by one Mr. Scott Kimble, recall at times Ministry, Rammstein and (don't laugh) Paul Stanley. I said not to laugh. He sounds good so shut up. He is good at what he does - it's Kiss that sucks, understand? I liked the feel of the record - the high points include: China Up Your Sleeve (any record with a vailed drug reference has to be cool), Stormchaser, Someone's Finished, and Please Send Reinforcements.

I can appreciate a good drum machine driven "Met-tech-dustry" track every now and again. The production is solid too and they really pull off what it is that they are trying to do, and what is that you ask? It is to assault your senses in every conceivable way. Goood shizz-ill here... for-shiz-ill.

For more information you can visit the Terminus Victor web site at: http://www.terminusvictor.com.
Email contacts at: scottykim@hotmail.com and kingad@lycos.com.

Reviewed by DeeJay Copelinn

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