Richard Franecki & Hadley Kahn - "Eemn"
(Slippy Town 2004, SLIPT025, CDR)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

Now here's a collaboration from a couple of space rock titans. Richard Franecki is the guitarist and efx meister of F/i and Vocokesh, and Hadley Kahn is the drummer with avant-space/kraut/prog rockers Escapade. Released on the Slippy Town label, Eemn consists of all instrumental, jamming, droning and totally cosmic space rock. "Just A Simple Malfunction" opens the set with nearly 11 minutes of freaked out free-improv space noodlings. About halfway through the track the duo start to rock out, setting a steady rhythmic pace, but the alien crashing, banging, bleeping and burping never lets up. It's mind-bending and ominous... cosmic and haunting... all at the same time. Another lengthy standout track is "Be Careful What You Look For", a tripped out slab of space chaos that bubbles, drones and howls. I love the mixture of intense atmospherics, dark, droning space rock and primordial stew of efx. This sucker builds slowly over its 11 minute length, culminating in a dense lysergic explosion. "Diagnosis" is a cool tune that is both jazzy and angelic, with a funereal atmosphere... a total experimental sound-art space collage. There are also a few shorter tracks that explore territory similar to the lengthier jams, the most interesting one being "Fragment 6", a short avant space rocker with an oddball rhythmic pace that will send you tumbling off balance. But my hands down favorites of the set are "Licorice & Lime" and "Eddie's Other Hallucination", both featuring intense, jamming, heavy psychedelic space rock, the former having a cool droning Eastern vibe. Totally tripped out shit!!!

In summary, this is an excellent set that fans of improvisational DEEP in the cosmos space rock will enjoy, and will of course be a must have for F/i, Vocokesh and Escapade fans. This is part of the Slippy Town CDR series and is limited to a mere 125 copies. They only want a measly $8 for it so dash over now and get your copy before they're all gone.

For more information you can visit the Slippy Town web site at:

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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