Gas Giant - Bumerang, Berlin, Germany 6/19/04

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

A little over 12 and we fill up with Gas and head for Berlin. Stefan and Thomas have some beers to start the day. We hear some Soundgarden, Herbal Nation and Gas Giant. The band talks about playing new Day Rising tonight. We hear Monkey 3 again and Judas Priest Point of Entry. We get a little bit lost from the directions but get to the club about 3. No one is around so we call our contact, Thorsten, and head over to the Mexican place around the corner and have some good food, tequila and beers.

We won’t play until after the two football matches finish around 11. We do a very quick soundcheck before the people start arriving around 5. This is a really small club. Maybe 50 people with comfort and 100 packed in. We hang out in front of the club drinking beers. Some of our friends (Gerard and his wife) show up. I had hoped to meet Silvana and Dave (Sula) but at 6 we head to Thorstens place. We watch the first football match and half the second. The band sits around and plays guitar and other instruments around. Thorstens has an amazing record collection!

We head back to the club and get a döner kebab on the way. When we get to the club all our friends are there, Henrik from Magdeburg, Mühle, Hans (Nasoni) and his wife, Silvana and others from Liquid Visions. The entrance fee is 5€. Seems about 60 or so paid people.

The band opens with the same trio of heavy stuff (Too Stoned, Firetripper, Moonshake) and the sound is pretty damn good but loud in this small place. Jesper is having a bit of a problem with his voice and this is only the second gig. What is happening? There was a small crowd of women in the front who were dancing like mad to the band. Jesper was getting a kick out of them. Totally grooving! Stefan started with the stratocaster and has now switched over to the Dan Armstrong. Back On The Headless Track is very cool and goes into a really spaced out jam and Stefan experiments with the glass slide he borrowed from Thorsten. Cool stuff. Ride The Red Horse was better tonight and now Dragons Cave, not played last night. Great song. Reasons by On Trial is played again and some parts were a bit tighter but the guitar solo was cut super short tonight. Not as good as the night before. Tommy now starts the drums for Phantom Tanker. The people are really grooving. Never Leave This Way and the band takes off into places they have never visited before. A totally new jam starts at the end of the song and the band gets into these incredible grooves and the people are dancing and screaming for more. I figured that was it but now they come back and play Storm Of My Enemies with a long jam and the song lasts nearly 20 minutes! Last two songs of the show was like 45 minutes. These were some of the coolest jams the band had ever played, certainly the most groovy and not that psychedelic. Wow... amazing show…

Set List: Too Stoned, Firetripper, Moonshake, Back on the Headless Track, Ride the Red Horse, Dragons Cave, Reasons, Phantom Tanker, Never Leave this Way, Jam Storm of my Enemies>Jam

We hang out with our friends and Henrik from Magdeburg presents us with 20 new t-shirts that he has made and some new pins. The T-shirts are really cool. I love them. The back is especially cool. We sell some merchandise and party with our friends in front of the club until about 3 and head back to crash. A great night and time in Berlin. We want to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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