HotGuitars - "Confessions"
(Badvugum BV-7)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

Yet, another Circle or ex-circle member side project. Here is featured the duo of Jyrki Laiho & T-mu Korpipää. This is a short EP with 4 tracks and features only guitars and banjo with some sound editing in the form of computer beats (I guess). Budapest Bukkake is 8 minutes of a pounding beat with crazy guitars layered over the top. Pretty much a noise fest! What are they doing to those guitars?? Strangulation... Laxitive Liquid Oxygen has a rudimentary beat over which one guitar player skanks and the other tortures his guitar. Linedancing 75 Leonard Ave features a tortured banjo. In the veins of the wicked judases, jesuses and the confidential mileage ends the CD. What is the point?

For more information you can visit the Bad Vugum web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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