Joe Turner - "Between Two Seconds"
(Camera Obscura 2004, CAM067CD)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

Attention Abunai! fans! Have you suffered sleepless nights ever since they disbanded? Well buck up kiddies because I've got a tasty treat for you. Former Abunai! drummer Joe Turner has released a set of 11 songs that are a magic carpet ride of spaced out psychedelic pop. Joe employs numerous guest musicians to bring his songs to life, but handle multiple instrumental duties himself.

Joe and company come roaring out of the starting gate with the instrumental "Waking Dream", with dreamy rocking guitar chords, whooshing space synths and a great floating psychedelic melody. We trip along for nearly 6 minutes until the music transitions seamlessly into the song "When Will You Wake Up?", a really catchy tune that blends modern rock and 60's psychedelia into a huge melting pot of guitar, keyboards and outstanding vocals. "Coordinate Zero" is next and now we're in the luscious 60's pop-psych territory that pervades throughout the album. All 11 tracks are hands down winners so I won't dissect each one. But among the songs I'll single out for mention are "Hills Of Pennsylvania", a raucous pop-psych tune with an endearing bubble-gum quality and a trumpet segment that fits in beautifully. A nice touch. "Not There Anymore" is one of the lighter songs of the set, with a trippy pied piper flute, cello orchestration and shimmering guitar embellishments. Love it. And "Perfect The First Time" is one of the most spaced out and potent tunes of the set, and includes some ripping trip guitar from former Abunai! guitarist Brendan Quinn.

Joe is credited with all the instrumentation on three outstanding tracks: "Dollar Star", "Stella Luna" and "When The Day Crowd Leaves". "Dollar Star" is a real ballsy psychedelic rocker. But the vocal harmonies... are these all Joe? Wow... sounds like dead ringer for Crosby, Stills and Nash! "Stella Luna" is pop-psych heaven. And "When The Day Crowd Leaves" is just pure hypnotic power pop psychedelia.

Honestly, not since last year's Praying Winter by Dipsomaniacs have I heard an album that so clearly would been a hit back in the day. (Both albums are on Camera Obscura so we'll credit Tony Dale for his keen ear and smarts.) Well crafted songs and fantastic vocals along with killer playing and impeccable production and we've got ourselves what may be the best set of psychedelic pop tunes of 2004. A little support from MTV and mark my word, you'll see a psychedelic renaissance on the charts. Highest recommendation.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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