An Overview Of Bands And Projects
The Stone Premonitions "Family Tree"

Information compiled and provided by Tim Jones
Edited by Frank Gingeleit

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

1974 - 1977

Eyes To The Sky

Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Paddi - Drums, Guitar & Vocals
Dieter Hubbard - Guitars & Vocals
Dominic Griffiths Bass & Vocals


Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Mark Dunn - Bass, Keyboards, Flute & Vocals
Irish Don - Guitar
Paul Taylor - Drums

1977 - 1979

Neon (1)

Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Mark Dunn - Bass & Vocals
Paddi - Drums & Vocals

EP "Anytime Anyplace Anywhere" 1978 for Sensible Records

Neon (2)

Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitars
Martin Holder
Mark Dunn - Bass & Vocals
Paddi - Drums & Vocals

Single "Don't Eat Bricks" 1978 for Radar Records


Tim Jones joins ex Punishment Of Luxury lead singer Brian Bond’s band called Punching Holes


Tim Jones leaves Punching Holes and joins Punishment Of Luxury


Tim performs a stint as second guitarist in the New Wave band Treatment Room

1981 - 1991

Tim Jones’ solo project Somebody Famous

Mini album “Prisoners Of The Real World” - Falling A Records (1985, to be re-released in 2004)
12"-Single "Dancin’ Feet" - Prism Sound (1986)
12"-Album "The Gift" - Raindance Records (1986)
7"-Single "Love Will Stay" - Raindance Records (1988)
CD "The Ship Of Grandad’s Day" - Empress Records (1989)


Tim Jones meets female singer Terri~B who has just left heavy rock band Vagrant


Tim & Terri~B form cooperative musical enterprise called Stone Premonitions and form band called The Rabbit’s Hat.

The Rabbit’s Hat

Rabbit’s Hat Band Members past & Present:

Vocals - Tim Jones & Terri~B
Backing Vocals - Mike Forse
Guitarists - Tim Jones, Martin Holder, Davey Wright
Keyboards - Steve Ellis, Paul Ellis, Terri~B & Yasuko Fukuoka
Sax - Spook
Violin - Terry Connor
Bass Players - Mark Dunn, Baz, Rob Kirtley, Degsy, Dave McLean
Drummers - Norman Emerson, Paddi, Dave Pipkin, Hodge
Lyrics - Tony Morland (died in 2002)

"In Optic Mansion" - Demi Monde Records DMCD 1034 (1996)
"Take Good Care" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 001 (1997)
"Outsiders" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 002 (1998)
"Pierce The Dark" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 004 (1998)
"The Sun Broke Through" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 007 (1998)
"Flesh & Nail" (Nick Drake Tribute) - Stone Premonitions SPCD 011 (1999) - with Steve Ellis on vocals and acoustic guitar
"Year Of The Rabbit" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 013 (1999)
"The Magician" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 017 (2000)
"BBC & Related Acoustic Sessions" - Hi-Note 1026 (2002)
"Lapsit Exillis" - Stone Premonitions SPCD 037 (2003)

Tim Jones starts to work with Northern Recording which is a Community based music project in Consett in the North East Of England. It is here that he meets psychedelic/artrock band Krom Lek.

Krom Lek

Dave Musgrove - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
John Musgrove - Drums
Bazz - Bass
Tonksy - Flute & Vocals
Wiggy - Guitar
Both Tim Jones & Terri~B appear with Krom Lek on their first & third albums along with Steve Ellis from Rabbit’s Hat

"Inspirational Floatation" - SPCD 016 (1999)
"Psychedelic Dot Krom" - SPCD 021 (2000)
"A Breath Of Fresh Air" - SPCD 030 (2001)
"Collective Conscious" - SPCD 031 (2001)
"Rariteality" - SPCD 035 (2002)

When’s The Future

Dave und John Musgrove’s (Krom Lek) side project
"Now" SPCD 038 (2003)
"Then" SPCD 040 (2003)

Stone Premonitions put advert for similar thinking bands in North East’s Generator Newsletter and get an answer from Spacerockers Mr Quimby’s Beard.

Mr Quimby’s Beard

Hardy - Keyboards, FX, Vocals
Kidd - Bass
Ray-A - Guitar, Vocals
Gaz - Drums, later replaced by Chris Walton
Dave Thorburn - Guitar, later to be replaced by Jim Walton
Both Tim Jones & Terri~B appear on The Unsolved Mysteries album as lead guitarist and backing vocalist respectively.

"Mr Quimby’s Beard" (1994 - now available through the band’s own label called Freaky Fungi)
"Out There" - Demi Monde Records DMCD 1035 (1995)
"The Unsolved Mysteries Of Mr Quimby’s Beard" - SPCD 014 (2000)

Mr Quimby’s Beard part company with Stone Premonitions to start their own label called Freaky Fungi in 2000.


Spacehopper - a project by Terri~B together with former Vagrant guitarist Davey Wright and Steve Ellis on keyboards

"Spacehopper" SPCD 006 (1998)

1997 - 1999

Terri~B & Tim Jones once again teamed up with the rest of Neon in addition to keyboard player Steve Ellis and his wife, Japanese keyboard player Yasuko Fukuoka to form the musical project called Body Full Of Stars.

Body Full Of Stars

Mark Dunn - Bass, African Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Jones - Vocals, Guitar
Terri~B - Vocals
Paddi - Drums
Martin Holder - Guitar
Yasuko Fukuoka - Hammond Organ
Paul Ellis - Keyboards

"Falling Angels" - SPCD 003 (1997)
"Welcome" - SPCD 012 (1999)


Tim Jones & Terri~B initiate side project from Rabbit’s Hat called Census Of Hallucinations in order to cover more experimental rock music structures.

Census Of Hallucinations

Tim Jones - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Terri~B - Vocals, Keyboards, FX
Dave Pipkin - Drums & Keyboards
Steve Ellis - Keyboards
Paddi - Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals & Guitars
Dave McLean - Bass
Norman Emerson - Drums
Spook - Sax
The Reverend Rabbit - Narration
Rapoon - Ambient remixing
Cousin Silas - experimental sound sculpturing

"Census Of Hallucinations" SPCD 019 (2000)
"Opus 2" SPCD 023 (2000)
"The 3rd Eye" SPCD 025 (2001)
"The 4th Dimension" SPCD 026 (2001)
"Seeing Things" SPCD 027 (2001)
"Census Of Hallucinations 5" SPCD 028 (2001)
"Sixth Sense" SPCD 033 (2002)
"7th Heaven" SPCD 034 (2002)
"The 8th Dwarf" SPCD 039 (2003)

In between all of these projects, Tim & Terri also produced solo CDs involving many of the aforementioned musicians.

Terri~B Solo Projects

"Wrap Me In Your Skin" - SPCD 005 (1998, re-released in 2002 on Hi-Note Music’s Headline Record label)
"Essential Incense Music Volume One" - SPCD 036 (2003)

Tim Jones Solo Projects

"666+1" - SPCD 009 (1999)
Somebody Famous: "A Chip Off The Old Block" - SPCD 041 (2003)

More solo projects and releases by other artists

Lord Litter: "Stone Premonitions Presents Lord Litter" SPCD 008 (1999)
Paul Rose: "Slide Away" SPCD 010 (2000)
Mike Forse: "Running" SPCD 024 (2000)

Since 2000

In 2000 Stone Premonitions is asked to produce the Alchemical Radio show for Supanova Radio in the UK. After the demise of Supanova, Aural Innovations took up the program.

Tim & Terri also write regular column called Keys To The Underground for national magazine Get Rhythm. The aim of the articles is to provide outlets for the music of independent/alternative artists.


Tim Jones and Terri~B become parents for the first time. On March 19th their son Jimi Jones is born.

More "Birthday presents" are a CD album which features various artists performing versions of Tim & Terri’s songs "The Moon" and "Orion" and a double CD retrospective to mark the 10th anniversary of Stone Premonitions.

"The Moon Orion Project" SPCD 042 (2004)
"Retrospective 1994 - 2004" SPCD 043 (2004)

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