Andrei Suchilin - "Quasiland"
(R.A.I.G. 2003, R002)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

Andrei Suchilin is a Russian musician. He composed, arranged and recorded the CD for RAIG (Russian Association for Independent Genres). It is his third solo effort from his band Do Major. He has several guests but it is basically a solo project of interesting electronic based music with guitars, keyboards, female singing, bass and mostly programmed drums and percussion. He makes use of a lot of loops to get into some pretty cool grooves. Sometimes it is like ROCK music but he really creates special moods with the music. Going South opens the CD (also included is a live version as the last track on the CD) begins with some very repetitive loops of voice and builds upon that. Krasnodar Brew features some nice sax playing and Fripp like guitar. The Wobbly Attraction has programmed drums and dark techno like bass that everything builds on but you get surprised at every minute with sax and strange things filtering in over the top. Excellent stuff. An Actual Sofa is a short song that Frank Zappa would have liked. Zingiberen is built upon a synth loop after which the beats filter in and everything else on top (piano, flute, guitar). I really like this track. It was described as techno-erotic in the promo material. Leben Lol Palestina is Middle Eastern inspired as you might expect. The Charmed Wanderer has a strange female voice over the top of the weird looped and phased out drums and some strange sax. A very strange number. The CD closes with Post Positive and the live version of Going South. An excellent CD and well worth seeking out!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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