Ultra Fuckers - "Hyper Dimension: Demo"
(CentralSCUM 2004)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: July 2004

Crushing electro-rock from this Japanese trio that hearkens back to such primeval forbearers of the genre as Heldon and Lard Free, though with a decidedly post-cold wave sensibility that at times bears comparison to such noise monsters as K.K. Null and the 80s punk industrial clique of Pere Ubu, Cabaret Voltaire, SPK and others. Molten modular synth sequences supply the main repetitive motifs throughout most of the five songs on Hyper Dimension, while Kawai Kazuki Langley’s fractured guitar solos dive bomb through the static electricity of an array of electronic effects. Like a massive saurian in heat, Tom Nagata’s thunderous drumming (a lineal descendant of Francois Augur’s colossal drumming with the aforementioned Heldon) propels most of the songs into hyper orbits far above the stratosphere. Much of Hyper Dimension would be the perfect soundtrack to the awesome (and often hilarious) fight scenes between Godzilla and his several antagonists, from Gidra to Rodan. This is what it sounds like when monsters collide.

The opening cut, “Docking Terminal,” burns rock hard with all the industrial fire of Interface-era Heldon, its sequencers running amok through the exploding nuclear haze of cobalt-charged drums and the background radiation of mutated guitar salvos and white noise synth eruptions. “Choco Parfait Monster” is a splendid fusion of King Crimson-styled percussive mania (remember Jamie Muir from Larks’ Tongues in Aspic?) and neuron shattering guitar/synthesizer improvisations. Nagata’s anarchic though oddly controlled drumming on this piece is akin to Muir’s frenetic clockwork drumming on LTA. The title track, “Hyper Dimension,” stretches the manic intensity out to eleven excruciating minutes of pure sonic attack: more an improvised noise fest than structured composition, “Hyper Dimension” is a galvanizing trek through the outer limits of synth/guitar/drums mayhem. Mammoth industrial drums crash like flaming gantries on some derelict launch pad to the sinister wails of screeching guitar and menacing synthetic drones. “Serge Out” is a lethal dose of electric shock. Here K.K. Langley generates a torrential storm of guitar feedback that completely fuses the radiated landscape of metallized percussion and buzzing electronics into an incinerated nuclear hell. It all comes to a shrieking end in a tornado of vulcanized cymbal crashes and drill press guitar arpeggios.

Though only approximately 30 minutes, Hyper Dimension delivers a powerful jolt to the synapses. Crudely recorded but played with fire and conviction, this is Hiroshima under the headphones, with the shockwave rumbling through your inner ear on its way to the reptilian jungles of your back brain. Recommended listening for aficionados of the Heldon school of uranium-charged power trio rock.

For more information you can visit the Ultra Fuckers web site at: http://www.lostfrog.net/centralscum.
Email at: ultrafuckers@f2s.com.

Reviewed by Charles Van de Kree

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