Colour Haze, The Davolinas, Out of Phase - Dragens Hule, København 5/15/04

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: June 2004

I was damn tired by Saturday but this was my show that I put up. I took my daughter out there with me when I met the Colour Haze guys out at Christiania. They followed me out to the club and the Davolinas were already there setting up. Clotho had fun while the bands were setting up and we ran up and down the stairs and over to see Magnus at his rehearsal room. At 8:30 I left to go take Clotho home and come back. When I came back there was a bit of a problem, as Mogens, who helps at the club had put a third band on the bill and not told me or many others. It was a real hassle and stressful for a while as they refused to play last at 2 in the morning yet both other bands were all set and ready to go now. After some fussing it was agreed that they could play first but only 40 minutes and they had to set up right away and play immediately. It was really out place for them to show up at 9 and expect what they did. It all went off ok and it was hard to be angry. Out Of Phase are a really cool band with two Asian female singers, a sitar player, live and programmed drums, samples, drums and bass. A great band. It was a pretty cool set but the sound was not optimal as they had no soundcheck and the sitar/flute player was too low. After a quick set change, the Davolina’s hit the stage and there were a lot of people tonight!

The stage was set up cool and they were all dressed up and looked great. They opened with a mid paced heavy rocker, Sunday Morning, which it soon would be! The sound was really excellent in here. Infectious Beauty is a great building song. After a couple more songs, Henrik, lead guitarist from On Trial joined the band for 3 songs. The first was a very cool ballad with psychedelic guitar. Next up was a cover of the Ultimate Spinach song, Hip Death Goddess. Damn if this was not an amazing piece of psychedelic rock for 9 minutes! Next up was Exit Repression and a major wah wah fest. It was great to see Lene got a wah pedal as it adds a lot to her sound. Anja and Per played really excellent this night. I wish Anja would be a bit more adventurous on the bass and not just play it safe all the time. Henrik was supposed to join the band again at the end of the set but there ended up being no time. Destiny is a slow pounding song and Lene takes up the wah again to add a new dimension to the song. After Gotta Connect (A ballad) and Heaven In Me they dedicated City of Vinyl to me! What an honor! It is a great song from their demo CD. Running On The Moon was a cool new song, again with some delay wah guitar that was pretty cool. The band ended the set with Stormy Monday. A long and cool set. I think the band gained a lot of fans on this night.

Set List: Sunday Morning, Infectious Beauty, Seasonal Alternations, Nightfall, Happiness is Fragile, Hip Death Goddess, Exit Repression, Destiny, Gotta Connect, Heaven in Me, City of Vinyl, Running on the Moon, Tranquility, Stormy Street

After a 30 minute break and set change it was time for Colour Haze. The band had some coffee and Mani had slept for an hour or so and was ready to play. The band opened with a long stretched out Plazmakeks. The band needed to get the energy up and kicked some ass with Get It On! They brought it back down with Sundazed, the opening number from the night before. Early in the day when I was walking around Copenhagen with the band, we were talking about Cactus and this inspired Stefan to play One Way Or Another, which they rarely perform. It was awesome and he really ripped it up on the guitar! Roses, I just love the bass line on this one, had the crowd really going. Another hard song, Other Side, and then the new jazzy song, which at this time did not have a name but is now called Love. I love the title track of their LP, CO2, and was really surprised to hear it. Next, Stefan switched over to an acoustic guitar for another new song called Flowers. Now the concert was to get intense. The new song Peace Brothers And Sisters, is an amazing piece of music. For over 20 minutes the band jams with amazing playing and riffs that remind me of Leafhound and then it shifts to Black Sabbath and FREE. This song just blows me away. The band go for the long medley of Inside which slowly segues into Hej Jude and finally to a hard hitting American Woman with some awesome jamming. Nearly 20 minutes! The band is pretty wiped out by this point and I thought they were going to stop but no... The excellent instrumental, Periscope, the title track from their new vinyl LP. They close the set with two older hard rocking songs, Outside and Almost Gone. Wow... 2 hours and 20 minutes later Stefan and Mani fall down and sit on the floor, exhausted. They had given their all to this small (40-50) crowd, but we soaked every minute of it up. There was a dedicated bunch at the back of the room that were totally blown away by the drumming of Mani and kept chanting his name at the end of the songs. He was amazing but so was Philip and so was Stefan. Incredible band, incredible night. They will be back.

Set List: Plazmakeks, Get it On, Sundazed, One Way or Another, Roses, Other Side, Love, CO2, Flowers (Acoustic), Peace Brothers and Sisters!, Inside>Hej Jude>American Woman>Inside, Periscope, Outside, Almost Gone

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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