Little Killers, Screamin’ Eric, On Trial, and The Movement, Studenterhuset, København 5/1/04

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: June 2004

This was a 4 band festival put on by the Danish on line magazine Lowcut ( We were all a bit worried about how many people would show up as it was the first of May and they have a huge political rally but mostly a party in Fælledparken on this day and the weather was pretty good so people were likely to spend all their money and get really drunk and not make it to this cool show. Luckily that was not the case and it was a big success! The Danish band, The Movement started the show off and it was not that crowded yet but people came up to the front and got into it. The band reminded me a bit of the JAM. Remember the Jam?? They played a short 40 minute set and then next up was On Trial.

On Trial started at 10 and played for about 45 minutes. They opened with a really old On Trial song called Be Forewarned. It was a hard set tonight but the people were up for it. As If was really hard rocking and into That’s Right. It was written the opposite way on the set list but Bjarne started the riff for As If right after Bo said, That’s Right... It was ok... An old cover of Ever Had A Feeling was next. Then we got three older songs, Do You See Her, Lovecraft and Blood Butterfly. The band played 3 new songs now. It was great to see that the band were moving forward and playing and writing new songs now that everyone was comfortable with the changes in the last year or so. Rollercoaster and Call My Name (this may not be the right name) were played. A bit more garagy sound for the band. The really heavy Stoner rock song Downer, which showed the old psychy side of the band and Bjarne really playing cool psych guitar with Henrik, who already masters it! This went right into the new song Hatestruck, a pretty heavy one that ended the set. Phew... The band was hot tonight!

Set List. Be Forewarned, As If.., That’s Right, Ever had the Feeling, Do you see her?, Lovecraft, Blood Butterfly, Rollercoaster, Call my Name, Downer>Hatestruck

Next up was local punk rockers Screamin Eric. They have a cool new LP out called Freakshow and have been playing quite a lot. They played a hard rocking psychobilly-punk show for 55 minutes were quite wild and in your face. The band have moved away from their tight Stooges sound to a sound more their own with some great slide guitar playing on some of the numbers. Cool set and the people were really high and into it by this point.

Little Killers from NYC hit the stage a few minutes after midnight. I had never heard the band before but I saw them backstage and they seem pretty cool. The band was lead by a tall thin guitar player who also did all the vocals. He was backed by a sexy female bass player that the drunk guys in the front were drooling over. They also had a female drummer. They had a cool really 60’s garage rock sound. The people loved them. I thought they had a few segments of their set where 3 songs in a row all sounded the same to me. Fun band and nice people. A long night of music and a good success for the Lowcut magazine. Let’s do it again!

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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