Mantric Muse and Bland Bladen- Dragens Hule, København 3/20/04

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: June 2004

This was my Third concert to arrange at the Dragens Hule and I was very excited to have these two fantastic bands play again, as were Daniel and Anja, who own the club. I showed up around 7:30 and Mantric Muse was setting up for their soundcheck, so I talked with the Bland BLaden guys and others people I knew as well. The weather was really horrible on this night with rain and high winds, so I was a little worried about people riding their bikes out here to the club (The bus stops running at 12:15) and sure enough they did not come out, so we had a private little party in the newly remodelled Dragens Hule. It has been expanded a bit and has a new bar. The coolest place to see a band I have ever been to. It is like having a band play in your chilled out living room.

Anyway, Bland Bladen started about 10:45 and only about 15 people were here. The band opened with the new warm up tune and it was better than a month ago. Sound was really incredible tonight but loud. Next up was "Daggväta" and they merged this into the second part of "I afton Trans" from their CD. All their songs have such unique flavours to them. "I Grevens Tid", was a favourite of the people who were at the concert. I was excited to hear the new song "Hårold", which was the heaviest song the band have done and has a sort of techno like ending. It was great again tonight. "På Gron Kvist", featured Ola and he was fantastic. They ended their set with the great "Dimland". The crowd wanted more but this is all the songs that they have.

Set List: Flanör, Daggväta >I afton Trans (Part2), I Grevens Tid, Härold, På Grön Kvist, Dimland

It took about 40 minutes for Mantric Muse to get set up and although they had only two rehearsals this week and those were the first since December, they felt ready to play and jam. They decided to just open up with a Jam, which was pretty cool and spacey before going into "DMU".

Set List: Intro Jam, DMU, Sinbad Søfareren, AZUR, Deep Sea Cheops, Wobbegong Wookie, Cinope>Jam, Narnia, Druide Jam, Freeform Jam

Review and Photographs by Scott Heller

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