Outrage - "Cause for Pause"
(Victor Japan)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: June 2004

Outrage is an old Japanese band, with the first release back in the mid-80s. The band has changed radically over the years and I have not heard all of the bands releases, but most. The band made a dramatic shift from sounding like classic Metallica and doing it as good as the original (listen to the amazing Black Clouds CD!) to a much more hardcore-metal sound. The band has for some years been stripped down to a 3 piece and the last several releases have been very aggressive and influenced by the Ramones! This one is no different, except the band attempt to throw in a bit of stoner rock into their sound, not very successfully. The CD was recorded at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, California. The CD has a funny 25 minute video from the recording sessions as well as the production video they produced for the song Deadbeat. The CD opens very fast with Bleed Out followed by what is to be the single, Deadbeat. They do mix things up with strange numbers like Cat & Nines and the cover of I Can See For Miles by the Who which is pretty funny. The main weakness of the band is that the bassist who handles the lead vocals canít sing. He is really pretty awful. The sound on the CD is pretty cool with a great production and cool guitars and pounding drums and bass. I got this from a friend in Japan and I am guessing this is pretty hard to come by if you want to hear some very fast Japanese-hardcore-metal-stoner hybrid stuff, try to hunt this one down!

For more information you visit the Outrage web site at: http://outrage.mite.ne.jp.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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