Rosetta West - "X Decendent" (Private Release)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: June 2004

This is the fifth release by Joseph Demagore’s band, Rosetta West, since their debut in 1996. Joseph is backed by the same group of folks as on previous CDs, in Orpheus Jones on bass (4 tracks), Mike Weaver on Drums, Jay Daniels on Bass and Nathan Q. Scratch on percussion (3 tracks). The CD is a real mixture of low fi acoustic and electric down and dirty blues-swamp boogie-rock. The CD begins with the most excellent Swamp Boogie track Blue Honey. A great riff and cool vocals. Slow Train goes for a simple repeated acoustic guitar riff and vocals with a bass line and simple percussion. Great stuff. A really cool cover of Shakin’ All Over by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates is featured in the in middle of the CD. Children is another powerfully sung blues number with some really nice acoustic guitar. Deeper Than Magic is a really cool slow mystery song. The CD ends with Inferno, which is basically a guitar effects soundscape. This is not music performed to perfection in a sterile environment but harkens back to the days of the old black blues artists sitting on the porch pouring out their hearts and souls and getting the evil out. That is what I hear in this music. I hope you do as well. What can I say? If you have not heard Rosetta West, go find one of the CDs.

For more information you can snail mail Rosetta West at: Rosetta West; PO Box 807; Geneva, IL 60134; USA.
This album and the other 4 are available at the above address for $10 each.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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