Dreamt Of By Armadillos - s/t
(Maritime Fist Glee Club)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: March 2004

I swear that in the four years that I lived in Oklahoma that, with a few notable exceptions, I saw no evidence of any cool local scene - the place was pretty much a cultural wasteland. Perhaps they were just in hiding, waiting for me to leave town? Anyway, this is the first “semi official” release from this Norman, OK quintet, brought to us courtesy of the fine folk at Maritime Fist Glee Club. DOBA mixes elements of ambient, extendo jam-rock, prog, jazz and even a bit of electronica into a heady brew that while reminding me a bit of contemporaries such as SubSpace and perhaps Escapade really don’t sound quite like anything else that I have heard lately. The drumming is diverse, ranging from the straight-ahead time keeping rock of the opening track to a more free and textural approach, as the guitars, keys and sampled + real vocals duel over the top. It’s all pretty cleanly with no really harsh edges or massive fuzz attacks or anything like that. Although there is a definite intensity the thing that separates these guys from the others that I mentioned earlier is that when they get in a groove it has a laid back, loping (dare I call it a) vibe that brings to mind really soaked dub, like the OnU Sound stuff or something. I dunno, maybe I’m just f**ked in the head or something. I’m just telling ya what I hear. It really is more of a “feeling” than a sound, maybe I just have to go back and pull out some African Head Charge records and I’ll change my mind. At any rate, good stuff, dig.

For more information you can visit the Dreamt Of By Armadillos web site at: http://silvertone.princeton.edu/%7Eckk/DreamtOfByArmadillos
The CD is distributed by Maritime Fist Glee Club. You can visit their web site at: http://www.maritimefist.com.

Reviewed by Brian Faulkner

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