The Awesome Machine - "The Soul Of A Thousand Years"
(People Like You Prison 065-2)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations: March 2004

The Awesome Machine has been moving forward and is one of the survivors of all the Swedish Stoner bands that popup in the late 90s. This is their fourth release and they have left the Kyuss clone sound behind (I have only ever heard the first 10Ē and the demos for the first CD). This new CD is quite a varied affair and has a really boomy production sound. It is by far the bands most commercial affair as well with pretty lame tracks like "Forgotten Words", as well as great power numbers like "Tomís Serenade". "Scars" starts as a dark acoustic ballad but then gets quite doomy and brooding in nature. There is also some fast ass kicking rock and roll as well with tracks like "My Friend". This is an extremely varied CD with many styles. The band has rolled influences like Tiamat into this record, making it a darker doomier affair at times. For good or bad, the band has moved forward with their sound and will probably capture a greater audience. Not all the music is dark, songs like "Like a Child", are very happy and free! "These Electric Moments" features some very nice guitar playing. A very cool laid back affair, for this band. Check this one out!

For more information you can visit The Awesome Machine web site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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