David Bagsby - "Euphoricon"
(Esotericity Music 2006)

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

David is back with a new 79 minute CD-R of improvisations on his Korg MS-2000 synthesizer. This is part two of his series (the first was called Hallincinographs). It begins with a 61 minute long piece entitled Breakfast in the Quark (Symphony for Synthesizer #1). It is extremely strange drones but it does have a unique continuous flow of sorts that is very hard to describe. Dave recommends listening with headphones or play with a subwoofer (I have the later). At around 30 minutes we suddenly get some drum patterns emerging from the layers of freaky drones. After 3 minutes the drums disappear and the track becomes a bit more minimal before picking up again and the drums reappear around 48 minutes. Strange stuff that goes on for 13 more minutes. Masterpiece?? I am not sure... Covalent Bondsman is next and for the next 11 minutes you have some similar drones but some more extensive looping for part of the track. This stuff is hard to describe. You just have to hear it! Funky Cold Medulla ends the CD and has some more effects on the synthesizer than the other tracks. Strange Stuff David, keep it up!

For more information you can visit the David Bagsby web site at: http://www.bagsby.com.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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