Dhrak von Trip and The Making of..., Dragens Hule, København 4/15/06

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

I missed Drahk von Trips' two concerts in Malmö last year but tonight was my chance to see this very cool 60's inspired progressive psychedelic rock band. But before, we heard a local København band called The Making of… They were a 5 piece band with saxophone and are highly influenced by the Dave Mathews Band (and 3 of the members play in a Dave Mathews tribute band). Anyway, they played ok pop music but a lot of it began to sound the same and they played for more than an hour as people kept wanting them to play more even though the other band was really waiting to play.

It was not too long before they started. The band features a wonderful female vocalist who also plays small flutes and violin, as well as two guitar players, drums, bass and a synthesizer player who also plays digeridoo and other special instruments and drums. One really interesting aspect of this band is that some of the members have been playing music together for over 20 years and the majority of the band is over 50 years old. And they fucking ROCK! It is quite clear that the band has some strict formula for most of the songs but leave space for improvisation as well. Most of the tracks were around 10 minutes but a few like Kortenette were over 20! Some of the music is quite effective to get you into a bit of a trance. Wow.. a very cool sound the band has. I can't wait til the next concert. Check this band out for sure if you get a chance. Good old school psych rock meets prog rock.

Set 1: 1 Ode to a goddes, 2 One of a kind, 3 Secrets, 4 Mood swings, 5 Promising trip, 6 R.A.M.M.+In a world of trouble.
Set 2: 7 Kortenette, 8 I want to tell you, 9 Daddies dead, 10 Autumn, 11 The jamsession that survived itself!

Scott Heller

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