Dream City- Drop Inn, København 4/10/06 gratis

Upload to Aural Innovations June 2006

This was the first time for me to get to see some of the classic old school Danish musicians from the late 60's and early 70's. Dream City is a sort of best of the old school band and a classic three piece with a lot in common with CREAM. DREAM CITY is Tømrerclaus on guitar/vox, Peter Ingemann bass/vox and Søren Berlev. Ingemann from Skousen & Ingemann/Musikpatruljen and Young Flowers. Søren Berlev played in Gasolin. I went with Tom and we met up with Ulrik (who told me about the show). The band started about 10:45 on this Monday night. They had a cool sound and sung all in Danish (with some damn funny lyrics and choruses) except the cover songs, which included Tales of Brave Ullyses by Cream. The set was about 45 minutes and I really enjoyed it. They were jamming and having a good time. Tømrerclaus had a really good guitar sound. It was fun but too late for me to stay and see the second set, which Ulrik said was perhaps a little better.

Scott Heller

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