Dungen - Loppen, KÝbenhavn 5/8/06

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

I have not seen Dungen since last year at Roskilde Festival and they have been travelling all over playing gigs in the US and in Europe. They are working on a new CD at the moment so I was hoping we would hear some new material and maybe we did but I don't think so as it all sounded pretty familiar. There was a good crowd of 150 or so people on this Saturday night and I went with Magnus and we met up with Tobias and Dorte and Ralph. The band started a little before 11 and it was a cool mix of young Swedish people and music freaks. I recognized many of the songs from the one CD I have and the two times I have seen them. It took them a few songs to warm up but then they were really flying. The singer plays guitar, organ, Fender Rhodes and flute and is a talented guy who really gives everything of himself to the bands performance while the rest just play their asses off. It was a cool concert but I think a lot of people felt let down as they only played 65 minutes. They were the only band, it costs 125kr, plus if you come from Sweden you have to pay 160kr for the train back and forth and with beer, you spend 400kr and they only play one hour and no encore. I went down to the backstage to try to get them to come up and play more but they said that they had no more songs which is bullshit as they have 3 albums and are making a new one and they only have 9 songs they can play live?? Hard to believe. Oh well... the crowd went away wanting more and feeling a bit let down but what can you do????

Scott Heller

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