Nebula, The Sword - Loppen, Christiania 5/18/06

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

Jens, Tom, Mads and myself met up at Nils before the show for some beers and to hear some music. I left at 9:30 to head to the club and set up to record. I met Ralph and the Baby Woodrose guys and Anders and Lene (Cherry Overdrive) and some others. I reviewed The Sword CD in the last issue of Aural Innovations and really liked it quite a lot. This young band from Austin, Texas plays full on Black Sabbath inspired riff Doom rock! Think of bands like Trouble, Pentagram, Hidden Hand, and Solitude Aeternus. The band played all but two of the songs from their debut CD as well as two tracks I did not recognize and two cover songs that ran together (the first I did not recognize but the later was Trampled Underfoot by Led Zeppelin). The band is good but need some maturing for sure to reach the level of a band like Trouble. These types of amazing tracks are perfect for the band to go on to extend and jam or at least have a guitar solo, which the band plays very few, so it is just riff after riff. The lead singer/guitarist broke a string after the second song and the drummer and bass player kept playing on but the rhythm guitarist was totally clueless and lost and had no idea what to play when he could have played some killer stuff as the other guys were playing on. It sounded miserable. Anyway, a great new band, who I hope will mature and start to really play.

Setlist: Celestial Crown>Barael's Blade, Freya, Help us, we don't know how to Jam, ???, The Horned Goddess, ???, March of the Lor, Cover song/Trampled Underfoot, Ebethron, Winter Wolves

Nebula rocked like a motherfucker! The best I have ever seen them play live. What else can I say. One of the best bands in the genre of music, hands down and they give the fans what they want. The band had a set list but started with To the Center (That I requested to Rubin before the show, who I spoke to for some time), which was great as they don't play this one that often. Then they played like 10 songs on the setlist and started playing requests and dedicated Flight of Icarus to Jonas, the man who with Ralph has booked all the Nebula shows in Denmark. A cool version of Jumping Jack Flash was great and Eddie just rips it up on the guitar with loads of short solos on every song. He never really takes a long solo. The band came back for 3 encore songs including a David Bowie cover. Amazing and long set, almost 90 minutes!

Setlist: To the Center, Elevation, Atomic Ritual, Clearlight, Future Days, Ghostride, Strange Human, Smokin' Woman, Let it Burn, Fever Frey, I need Somebody, Flight of Icarus, Do it Now, Jumping Jack Flash, Down the Highway, Suffragette City

Scott Heller

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