by Scott Heller

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

It's been a few years since Nebula has been to Europe and they will soon rock the Danish soil again at Loppen in Christiania on May 17th with the US band, the Sword. I recently caught up with Eddie to find out a bit about the new record, Apollo, and the tour.

Scott Heller (SH): Lets talk about the new LP/CD. How did the recording process go this time? Did you approach things differently? Last time you worked with Chris Goss. He must have had a big influence on things and this time you worked with another producer.

Eddie Glass (EG): This time there were a number of changes. Ruben has started writing more material so that added a new dimension to things, and we also have a new bass player, English geezer Tom Davies. We did the record with Mr Daniel Rey. Daniel was great to work with, although we may not always have seen eye to eye - he thought we were crazy when we said we wanted to put goats & cicada's on the record. He did a great job overall and everyone is pleased with the end piece.

SH: I had heard one review say the new record was more spacey, closer to some sort of stoner space rock stuff. Comments?

EG: Well the space thing can't be denied since the record is called 'Apollo' and we have Apollo 11 moon landing samples on it too! As for the stoner tag, stoner tends to imply a certain 'dumbing down' of things which I don't think applies to our music. We're into creating textures, vivid soundscapes and the subliminal within our music. When you listen to our songs there are things that you'll keep on finding way down the line.

SH: You guys will soon have a 10 year anniversary. You have made a lot of music and been quite productive and toured a lot. This must be what you have decided to do for your life. What do you think the next 10 years will be like?

EG: We can only hope that it stays productive and that the seeds we've sown continue to flourish.

SH: On the last European tour you guys played a really cool set of songs, mixing in old with new and for the first time some cover songs like "Good Morning Little School Girl" and a Led Zeppelin cover. I also noticed you did more improvisation and jamming than ever before. What can we expect on the European tour dates?

EG: You can expect a full on psychedelic assault of the senses and maybe a Bowie cover. We've been doing requests recently too because if there's a song someone wants to hear it's cool to play it for them. People get more out of the show if they shout something out and you play it.

SH: It is great that you don't play the same exact set every night for 3-4 months like a lot of bands. How do you go about deciding the songs for a tour?

EG: We don't really. We basically have a master list that we pick songs from depending on how we feel at the time. Set lists are more of a rough guide than anything else and just because it's on the list, it doesn't mean it'll get played & vice versa. We like spontaneity. That's partly what rock & roll is about isn't it?

SH: You tried out having two guitarists and two drummers (Conga player) in the past. Do you think this is a line up you might try again in the future? Have you ever considered a far out synthesizer player?

EG: We've thought about it before but if we ever did it would probably be a one off or something. But never say never.

SH: What bands are you guys listening to at the moment??

EG: Lots of random psych bands from the late 60's early 70's. Stuff like The C.A Quintet, The Plastic Cloud, Kak, Shiver, The Golden Dawn, to name but a few.

SH: Any comments about coming back to Denmark after 2 years?

EG: We're looking forwards to it. We always have great shows in Denmark. The Danish are a fun crowd. See you at the front.

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