Black Succubi, Anoxia, Crafted - The Rock, KÝbenhavn 5/20/06

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

This was a full on heavy metal assault at the ROCK with 3 Danish metal bands. I met up with a lot of folks (the whole Gas Giant camp, Anders, Magnus, Sonja) but I was not really in the mood for a third concert in 4 nights. What a week. I could have gone to shows every night this week (Starting Monday - Mudhoney, Tues. - Mountain, Weds. - Zappa plays Zappa, Thurs. - The Sword, Nebula, Fri. - Baby Woodrose, Sat. - this show).

Anyway, at about 10:15 Crafted started playing and there was a decent crowd of people and a lot more would show up later. They actually had some quite cool songs and their version of Foxy Lady at a very slow speed with another guest guitarist was quite cool. After too long a break, Anoxia hit the stage and the volume became overwhelmingly loud and the sound was awful with all vocals, bass and super loud drums. You could almost not hear the guitar. It got a bit better but the sound was pretty awful and the band was just not good. They sound way too much like Metallica want to be's. The singer uses the James Hetfield style on nearly every song. They played Black Magic by Slayer at the end of their set but play it too fast (as to Slayer), the original LP version at a slow pace is so much cooler! Anyway, the soundman was just horrible and said he liked the drums to be the loudest thing and that was the way it was going to be.

Black Succubi did not start until after a guy was up on the stage getting a lap dance by two well endowed strippers, stripping to really awful music. This got all the men and women close to the stage, but where was the male stripper for the girls?? That is what all the girls said? Anyway, when they did start it was incredibly loud and bad sound. The bottom end had no definition (who tunes the subwoofers at the rock??) and the drums not as loud as the first band but the vocal was too high now. The guitars tried to cut through the wall of noise (over 115db on my sound meter!). Anyway, this was Black Succubi's debut gig. They are a five piece true HM band. They have a Norwegian singer and dual lead guitars although most of the leads are by Stefan Krey from the band Gas Giant. Anyway, it was hard to judge if the band were good or bad but they played with a lot of energy and cool guitar solos but the sound was just so loud and unclear it drove a lot of people out of the room or to the far corners. Too bad. I hung out until nearly 4 in the morning and had a good time after but not that much at the show itself.

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Scott Heller

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