Zappa plays Zappa- Falkoner Salon, Fredreksberg, Denmark 5/17/06

Uploaded to Aural Innovations June 2006

I went to the show with my friend Magnus and we met up with Patrik and Robert from Sweden. There were a few others I knew who would be coming as well. Anyway, we got there in plenty of time and were suppose to have seats in the front row on the left side but when we came in we were offered seats dead center 20 rows back and we took these as the sound would be much better even though the view was not. I could see everything (including the tall guys back of his head) very clear. Right at 8:00PM the lights went down and they showed about 25 minutes of video from the Roxy and Elsewhere concert that was never released (but should be as it is awesome!). They show Montana and Dupree's Paradise (which is a total freakout!) and as Frank is tuning his guitar for the next piece the band comes out. Great stage set up and lights. The band starts with some 60's material and Napoleon Murphy Brock is looking and sounding great! When the band hit Florentine Pogan, Dweezil took his first long solo and nailed it! He is a damn good player, not just technically but with a lot of the strange jazzy erratic feeling of his dad but not to the same extreme. His guitar sound is a bit too modern. It would have been cooler with a more vintage sound. The band went on to play some more complex stuff and he showed off his new band with each member taking some solos (the young keyboard player was amazing!). Then came some more fun tracks like Don't Eat the Yellow Snow and St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast (insanely complicated to play some of this stuff!). The amazing Inca Roads ended the first set.

First set:
Help I'm a Rock
Hungry Freaks Daddy
Let's Make the Water turn Black
Florentine Pogen
Pygmy Twylite
The Idiot Bastard Son
King Kong (incl. bass riffs from Chunga's Revenge and Filthy Habits)
Don't Your Eat the Yellow Snow
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast
Father O'Blivion
Inca Roads

The second set began with guest drummer Terry Bozio coming out and telling some stories before the band launched into several tracks sung by Terry (giving Napoleon a well needed break on the lead vocals!). The Black Page, a very difficult guitar piece saw guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Vai appear and blow the audience away with his amazing guitar playing. Yes, he can play extremely fast but he plays with a lot of feeling and strange tones and is very cool and unique, not just a shredder! Steve and Dweezil also perform some trading back and forth solos and really rip it up and impress. Zomby Woof really highlighted Steve's amazing playing. The encores were fun as well and the dual soloing in More Trouble Every Day was great. What an amazing 3 hrs. I hope that Dweezil continues these tours and can include other guest musicians and develop the young new ones he has found.

Second set:
DZ and TB talks while audience sits down
I'm So Cute (TB)
Tryin' To Grow A Chin (TB)
City of Tiny Lites (TB)
Punky's Whips (TB)
The Black Page #1 (TB)
The Black Page #2 (TB, SV)
Peaches En Regalia (SV)
Montana (SV)
Village of the Sun (SV)
Echinda's Arf (of You)/Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? (SV)
Zomby Woof (SV)
Sofa #2 (SV)

Camarillo Brillo
The Orange County Lumber Truck (SV)
More Trouble Every Day (SV, TB)
A Token of His Extreme (outtro) (SV, TB)

Scott Heller

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