Colour Haze and Wave of Stone - Loppen, Christiania 11/27/08

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update)

It has been 2 years since Colour Haze has been back to Denmark and this was their fourth concert. They arrived late so only got a very short soundcheck. There were not that many people when the young Danish band Wave of Stone hit the stage at 22:15. I had never heard them but they are students of Lene (Cherry Overdrive, Fuzz Manta). They started with a short little jam as they had no soundcheck at all. It was not hard to get their sound right. They played for about 40 minutes and I was pretty impressed. This is a young band, 16 years old kids, playing a mix of 70’s rock, blues and stoner rock. This band will really be a killer in 3-4 years if they develop as musicians, stick together and don’t listen to the commercial trends or start to play heavy metal.

Set List: Devil In Disguise, Hell in high Heels, Syreblues, Pupe Scooper, Crash and Burn, Can’t take no More, Drivin’ through the Desert

Wave of Stone

Colour Haze started about 11:15 and opened with Sundazed. I had hung out with the band for some time this evening and we talked a lot about their set list, approach to the live gigs, etc. Really nice people. The front of the stage was packed with people now. A lot of people did not show up before 11. A lot of folks from On Trial, Fuzz Manta, Cherry Overdrive, Øreund Space Collective and Highway Child were all there. The band played Lights and All from the new record, Temple and Aquamarina from the previous record. A lot of long songs were played. The band really played awesome. Mani is just an incredible drummer with unreal energy, Philip just totally grooves on the bass and has a huge sound. Stefan, well, he is an amazing guitar player with a really special style of his own. The new stuff with it’s jazzy interplay between him and Philip is really great. Peace Brothers and Sisters is always a highlight of these shows. They did an encore of I Won’t Stop and Love. Played about 2 hours. Great show. We will see them again at Roadburn unless they overlap with another band we must see.

Colour Haze

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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