Husky - The Sea King
(The Husky Sound)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

Husky are a North Carolina band that have been around since 2000 but this is only their second CD. They are a trio that play largely improvised instrumental music, on the heavier, bluesy, post rocky rather than psychedelic freakout side of the musical spectrum. The opening track is a short slow floating blues thing called the Drunkard. Flagship is next and the guitar has a special sound like he is playing inside the belly of an Ironship. It slowly comes into focus as the track picks up and the band really takes off and you hear a nice organ in the background as they rock! Mayans vs. Martians starts with some synth and a spaced bass. Aboard the Relic is a slow nearly 10 minute track with some slow stoned lead guitar ramblings before half way through they break into a heavy riff and pounding drums but only ever so briefly before they get into a bit of a boring mellow piece that basically lets the tune die. They try to recover in the last minute and a half but it is just too normal. Rejoice starts slowly but becomes like a post rock like thing and is quite melodic. Trading on the High Seas is slow and spacey and you can hear the people talking at the concert while they play this one while they wait for something interesting to happen. He actually plays the best and longest guitar solo on the CD on this track with it’s Sonic Youth like texture but staying very bluesy. Red Right Returning is another long one at almost 10 minutes and starts very spacey with a slow bluesy guitar that eventually kicks into an almost Ted Nugent like riff. It really develops this one and is for sure the best track on the CD. Great stuff. Leeward and Easy ends this CD with a slow spacey build up with no drums for the first several minutes and some keyboards way in the background of the bass and drums that slowly and smoothly take you out over the drifting seas of sound… Cool CD…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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