Instant Drone Factory - Live
(Fündfundvierzig 164)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

This is a very strange and interesting CD. It takes Germans guitarist Frank Gingeleit and Synth/flute player Thomas Hinkel and mixes in Rie (bass) and Morihide (Drums) from Marble Sheep with Italian guitarist/vocalist Andrea Tabacco to play free form strange stuff. The CD was recorded live in September 2006 at the Avantgarde Festival run by the members of Faust. The CD features two long tracks and two shorter tracks. Summer is a far out track with wild guitars both droning, looping while Andrea does some strange spoken word stuff. The Sweetest Flavour is 19 minutes long and the band is really struggling to find out where to go at the start of this one. The spoken word stuff of Andrea adds a very special, perhaps irritating element at times but special. A bit of Capt Beefheart influence and Damo Suzuki, perhaps. Anyway, the band have a cool spaced out very stoned groove going after a bit. Wild track. Rhapsodie Chaotique begins with a drone before the drums take over and the synth also dominates. The track gets really far out and psychedelic at the end. Fans of Sunburned Hand of the Man will like this stuff. The CD ends with Take a Look Around, only 4½ minutes long.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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