Monster Magnet, Nebula, Pilgrim Fathers - Vega, København 11/4/08

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update)

I showed up at 16 and met the guys in Pilgrim Fathers and my friend Ed Mundell. I watched the sound check for Monster Magnet and they had a Ted Nugent jam, which was fun but also ran through Superjudge, Wall of Fire and another track they had yet to play on the tour but were rehearsing just in case Dave wanted to play them. Ed and I went out and had dinner at an Indian place by the main train station. The venue was made smaller by closing the balcony and putting up a black curtain just under the balcony. Pilgrim Fathers started right at 20 and played for maybe 100 people or so. They were a huge surprise and very psychedelic and heavy at times. Amazing stuff for 30 minutes. Check out their new EP. Amazing. The place was really packed by the time Nebula hit the stage at 20:45. They opened up with Let it Burn and really kicked some ass! Eddie was in great form and the new drummer was killer. The whole band sounded great. They played a few older songs like Sun Creature and To the Center as well as 3-4 new songs and a cool version of the John Lee Hooker song, Long Long Day

Pilgrim Fathers Nebula

Monster Magnet hit the stage at 10:00 and opened with Dopes to Infinity. The set was nearly the same as when they toured in 2004 but with a few extra old songs and included no songs from 4 Way Diablo, which was quite a surprise. The band were really hard hitting and sounded great on this night as they ripped through Crop Circle, Powertrip and Twin Earth in quick fashion. Dave chatted a bit before the band kicked into Third Alternative. The rest of the band left and just Ed and Dave performed Zodiac Lung. Radiation Day into the long spacey The Right Stuff was great. Negasonic Teenage Warhead sounded a bit strange as Ed’s flanger pedal did not work so that huge flanged out guitar was missing. Space Lord they did a bit of an extended version as well. They came back for 4 encore songs including Melt and Ed really ripped the solo. Cage around the Sun had Phil play the 12 string guitar and they play this one like 25% faster than in the past and on the record. Tractor is always a crowd favourite and then a long 12 or so minute version of Spine of God ended the show. While the band did not really give us anything new, they sure rocked like hell and the fans totally dug the show….. Great night. I hung out with the band until 2 in the morning and had to go. Can’t wait to see them again.

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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