My Sleeping Karma - Satya
(Elektrohasch CD126)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

This is the second CD by this German band that arose out of the ashes of the Great Escape. It is instantly recognizable as My Sleeping Karma. They are forging more of their own sound which is a mix of very melodic guitar lines (very similar in many many songs), with hypnotic grooves and some space. Like a more melodic version of Monkey 3, who clearly is an influence. 12 tracks (only 7 song titles) in 58 minutes so here we go. Ahimsa starts things off with a great heavy and spacey groove and the guitar line that the band loves to use. A spacey Colour Haze like track. Great track. Track 3, the title track, is a bit more of the same until the middle section where the guitars fade away and the bass, drums and synths glide. The guitars return shortly and the hypnotic groove as well. Track 4 is a short piece with some cool drums behind the same repeated guitar line over and over and it leads directly into Asetya, which starts with some forest sounds and a nice delay added to the guitar line that leads the track off. This track has a killer Asianasian feeling to into and the band really lay down the coolest most spacey and new sounding track of the CD. Track 6 is another short bridging piece that starts with a Tibetan bell ring and drone. Svaatanya is a more laid back track with some nice melodic playing. I best like the layers of spacey keyboards on this one. It also features the only singing on the CD in the form of female vocalist Katrin Wiessler. Another spacey bridging track with some sound samples from a TV program or something leads into Brahmacharya is again a very melodic track that slowly builds up to a heavy ending. Apangraha is next and starts slowly with some cool spacey synths as the guitars slowly begin. It did not really develop into anything more than some of the other tracks. After another bridging track, and I should say, these bridging tracks are pretty cool stuff, the CD ends with Sands, the longest track at 8 minutes. It is pretty laid back until 3 minutes when the riff picks up speed and gets heavier and darker. A good one to end the CD. The band is evolving as they should and have laid down another great instrumental record.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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