Psychedelic Shag- The Sunlight Underground (Stone Island Records)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

This new German band is lead by Tom Space, who produced and wrote the songs as well as played drums and keyboards. He is backed by George Adam on guitar and vocals, Michael Meier on lead guitar and Tom Mannhart on bass. The opening track, Processor Overdrive, is a great psychedelic rock track with some burning lead guitars. Zombi Nation is a melodic and spacey track with some psychedelic vocals at times. Go back to the Bang is a special track. Starts off a bit strange and stuff but then a great track evolves with a great sense of melody and space. The Orange Seasun is a uptempo rocker. Welcome to Fairyland is a bit like Octopus Syng and a dreamy psychedelic track. The good and the bad Aliens starts with some synths and slowly builds up. Tom has a great sense of melody and writes some great songs like this one! The last two tracks are some of the coolest and more spaced out on the CD. I really like the way the keyboard is used on Anunaki Powerstike. Ohmanmashivaya, the ending track is a trip. Great stuff. The CD has a lot of really great high energy psychedelic and space rock tracks with a sort of indie rock sense of melody. One thing is I am not that kean on the sound production and drum sound, which I find too digital and lo-fi somehow but still a nice sound mix.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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